Angus Council


Licensing - Including Processions

Wellbank Village Hall
Kellas Road
Application type: Variation of Current Premises Licence

Licence Type
Premises Licence - 2005 Act

Wellbank & District Amenities Association

Sale of Alcohol
On and Off Sales

Last Date for Objections
06 December 2022

Application to Vary a Premises Licence
Description of Proposed Variation: Amend the provision of solely ON sale alcohol to No and Change to On and Off Sales. Amend the core hours of OFF sales to Friday Saturday and Sunday only from 5 Pm until 10pm. Amend the provision of accomodation to happen outwith licensing core hours. Amend activities to allow these to happen outwith core hours. Add Theatre, films and gaming within and outwith core hours. Supporting statement for above changes "We are a village hall fro the community and as aresult are used for various activities during and outwith the core licensing hours. The licensed bar is a secondary function hall. Activities can occur prior to the opening hours of the bar and some activities i.e recorded music could be on after terminal hours for staff cleaning up. The provision of theatre, films and gaming will allow a wider variety of activies to the local community which they currently do not have access to."

Legislation Information

Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005
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