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Carnoustie Golf Links - On Course
Links House
Links Parade
Application type: Grant of an Occasional Licence

Licence Type
Premises Licence - 2005 Act

Carnoustie Golf Centre

Last Date for Objections
23 March 2023

Date of Event: 20 April 2023 to 3 May 2023
Type Of Event: The alcoholic products for sale will be a small selection of Malt Whisky 5cl miniatures. A limited range of lager in 440ml cans. We will not sell mainstream products, instead we will have our own range of branded products. All items are sold in sealed containers. Water and soft drinks will also be available. Alcoholic products are available for off sale only by contactless payment. Alcohol sales on a golf course is now an expectation but this must be done tastefully and in keeping with the venue. We feel our approach to the branded goods and the point of display is a very tactile way of introducing this new product and service. The alcohol available for purchase is to be displayed and sold from a secure vehicle which will be continually manned by a trained staff member who is a Personal License holder. Vigilance will remain a key point with this new offer and our staff will receive continual training and guidance to support the safe selling and consumption of alcohol here at Carnoustie. Both the Golf Ranger and the Bar staff member located on the 8th Tee will be linked into the communications system that will give them access to the Golf Ops team and Greenkeepers should an event occur that requires immediate support. CGLMC will enforce a strict policy of age verification and refusal of sale to anyone who is either unable to confirm their age or is intoxicated to the point that any more alcohol would be detrimental. Regarding any behavioural incidents, staff will be trained on dealing with difficult customers and how to manage a refusal of sale. Should there be any behaviours that are not in-keeping with our expectations we will apply our already well-established policies which could result in the removal of a customer and in the extreme events the involvement of the police.
Time for Sale of Alcohol: 10.00 to 21.00

Legislation Information

Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005
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