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Sergeantlaw Road &
Shilford Road, Neilston

Temporary Road Restriction – Sergeantlaw Road and Shilford Road, Neilston

(7.5 Tonnes Maximum Gross Weight Restriction)

A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order has been promoted authorising a 7.5 tonne weight restriction on the following lengths of roads in the interests of road safety for all road users and to prevent serious damage to the road and verges:

• Sergeantlaw Road, Neilston: From its junction with Greenfieldmuir Road Neilston to its southwestern junction with the B775 Gleniffer Road, a distance of approximately 3,000 metres (1.9 miles) or thereby.

• Shilford Road, Neilston: From its junction with the B775 Gleniffer Road to its junction with Fereneze Road, Neilston, a distance of approximately 2,160 metres (1.3 miles) or thereby.

The restriction applies to all vehicles in excess of 7.5t mass gross weight, except for emergency vehicles attending an incident and vehicles servicing properties or fields which are only accessible from within the lengths of roads specified.

The Temporary Order will commence on 14 November 2022 and will remain in place until essential repair / replacement works are complete on the Plymuir Bridge located nearby on the B775 Gleniffer Road, scheduled to be carried out by the neighbouring local Authority, Renfrewshire Council.

Details of the restriction can be found in the attached copy of the Notice of Order.

Enquiries relating to this Temporary Traffic Regulation Order should be emailed to




Legislation Information

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, Section 14.

PDF icon Sergeantlaw Rd & Shilford Rd, Neilston - (7.5t - Notice of Order).pdf