South Lanarkshire Council



A73 Thankerton Moor

South Lanarkshire Council propose to consider the introduction of a Traffic Regulation Order thereby introducing a permanent 50 mile per hour speed limit on part of the A73, Sherifflats Road and Lochlyoch from Howgate Road to A73 Fallburn, all Thankerton.

Full details of these proposals, which form the proposed South Lanarkshire Council, A73 Thankerton Moor, 50mph Speed Limit Order 2022, together with a plan and statement of reasons for proposing to make this Traffic Regulation Order, are available for inspection on the council’s website.

Any person wishing to object to these proposals should send details of the grounds for objections in writing to the Head of Roads, Transportation and Fleet Services, Council Offices, Floor 6, Almada Street, Hamilton ML3 0AA, or by email to, by Friday 3 March 2023.


Legislation Information

 50mph Speed Limit Order 2022